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Harry Jun is a Sydney based comedian and cartoonist, who hosts, writes and produces content for ABC Gamer, and co-hosts SBS podcast Say Kimchi with Shona Yang.

We spoke to Harry about his role as host, his favourite parts of the game, and what audiences can expect when they come to the show.


How are you involved in Blood on the Clocktower: Live?

🎤 My job is to guide and narrate our players and audience through this cat and mouse game of deceit and manipulation.

What first drew you to taking part in Blood on the Clocktower: Live? How did you get involved?

🎤 I was booked to participate as one of the players for SXSW: Sydney and had so much fun playing it! I love playing these sorts of games, and had never participated in a live show format, which was really exciting.

What do you think is a key element of a really good game of Blood on the Clocktower?

🎤 The more betrayal and conniving manipulation, the better. A key part of this game is convincing people to trust you whether you’ve got ill intentions or not. The best thing is, you can do this in so many ways, whether you’re a loud and boisterous person, or if you’re quiet and soft-spoken.

What about the game do you think has made it such a success?

🎤 It’s an incredibly fun and easy game to pick up, but can also be as difficult as you want. You can add different roles and modifiers to add a challenge, or just keep it simple. The fun of the game comes from the social deduction side of it. One time I played, 2 comedians ended up being the demons and I thought they were on our side the entire time! It was such a shock. I will never trust them ever again.

For audiences coming along to see the show at #BondiFest24 , what should they expect from the night?

🎤 Gaslighting, Gatekeeping, and Girlbossing. Wait–I dunno about the last two but definitely a lot of Gaslighting. You’ll see people so good at lying they could sell silk to a spider. It’ll be awesome.


Dive into the darkness and let Harry be your guide at Blood on the Clocktower: Live! on Sunday 14 July! 


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