And Eve said unto God, “Firstly, love the beard. But second, I know you said not to but I’m reeeally hungry, so…” And with one defiant bite of the apple, she ushered in the fall of man, the concept of shame and all that is bad with the world. Apparently.

As she was excused from the garden, Eve was heard exclaiming “FFS, it was just a nibble! Calm your tits big guy.”

Nikki Britton has exploded onto the Australian comedy scene with her lightning-paced wit and storytelling prowess. Once Bitten is a brand spanking new hour of stand-up from this joy bomb that you don’t want to miss. As seen on Channel 10’s How To Stay Married and ABC’s Comedy Up Late.

“Few comics reduce their audience to the constant waves of laughter.” Chortle (UK)

Address: 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026

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