Jenga, exes, and things falling down. A game for two about beginnings and endings.

Combining headphone-theatre and wooden blocks, Unkiss Me is an intimate artgame for two, inviting players to consider how a relationship is built on shared memories and what happens when one comes to an end. From the brilliant mind of award-winning playwright Caleb Lewis (Exclusion Zone: A Walking Tour).

Playfully melding headphone-theatre with simple wooden blocks, Unkiss Me reimagines the party-game ‘Jenga’ as the site for an intimate encounter between two strangers asked to pick through the wreckage of a fictional love-affair. In thirty minutes an entire relationship plays out, from first kiss to last goodbye, as players take turns selecting blocks, scanning QR codes, and listening to audio-tracks to discover what went wrong and right. These might be moments of bliss or heartache; mysteries or secrets; regrets or grievances; ephemera (what will be forgotten) or nostalgia (what will always be remembered).  And because only one player listens to each track, this adds an additional layer as each imagines what their partner ‘remembers’ and how that narrative might differ from their own.  As a dynamic story-system, Unkiss Me deconstructs one experience to assemble another, resulting in over one billion possible story combinations.

“A really talented Australian playwright, really playing with performance form. Great stuff!” Radio National

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