sydney premiere

A visceral, visual repast, MILK MACHINES takes you on a physical, poetic and humourous journey to unpack what it is to see and be seen as a woman. The construction of woman as a vessel, as container, as packaged, produce. As repetition, as cycle; as something to be consumed, as something that needs to be purified/homogenised/ with expiry/with age; as sale, as stale, as off; as sameness, as whiteness. Extreme embodiment and stimulating verbatim are used to attempt to negotiate the dualism within the traits of femininity and masculinity, and restore women’s agency and challenge the male gaze.

MILK MACHINES is a multi-disciplinary performance that finds a relationship between movement, theatre and media projection to unpack society’s construction of a woman’s identity and creatively articulate the contemporary experience of femininity.

Created and Performed by: Emma Harrison and Maddy McWilliam

Address: 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026

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